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  • Prospect Place
  • Madison Seminary
  • Ohio State Reformatory



 New Contact Form

We added a new contact form for your convenience. You can use it to request an investigation or to inquire about joining OPP. Go here to access it. If you use this form, you will receive an email from oppohio@gmail.com answering your inquiry so if you don't receive in a day or two please check your spam folder.

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 Are you experiencing a haunting?

Are you experiencing what might be paranormal activity in your home or business? If you would like to request an investigation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our investigation services are completely free to the public. If you're seeking an honest and experienced opinion, Ohio Paranormal Project (OPP) can appropriately and discreetly investigate your haunting.

If you are uncertain to contact us, please be aware that we hear a lot of people's claims about their homes and establishments. Your situation and privacy is our utmost priority. If you wish to remain anonymous, we respect your choice to this.

Although the evidence we gather is fully presented to the public, your name(s) and residence(s) may remain non disclosed upon request. Our email address is oppohio@gmail.com

DISCLAIMER:All evidence (audio, video and pictures)presented on these pages are property of OPP.

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