About Us

Ohio Paranormal Project (OPP) was founded to help those with possible paranormal activity. Although personal experiences are taken into consideration during every case, we investigate from a scientific approach, and our investigation will utilize some of the most professional equipment available to support or deny claims.

We offer our services free of charge, and will accept business or home investigation requests. OPP services Ohio (We're based out of Akron) and surrounding states (special consideration may be given depending upon client needs). We are professionals and will treat everyone with the utmost respect. We start every investigation with an open mind. We will try to recreate all claims of paranormal activity to find a logical explanation (debunking). We will not judge a place to be haunted unless we can document paranormal activity with scientific evidence. We guarantee that all evidence found in any investigation, posted on this website or referenced by OPP, is authentic, and was not altered in any way.

Henry HIll House at Manassas National Park 

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