The Project made its way down I-71 into Kentucky to a small town named Bardstown. Bardstown for being small did have a lot of supposely active buildings. Bardstown was a favorite location for the Jesse and Frank James they would hide there after doing some criminal activity.

The Project stayed in the Garden Room on the second floor of the Jailer's Inn and we did the majority of our investigation on that floor. 1819 Room also known as the Dungeon Room and the Library Room are also located in the second floor.

We had some personal experiences: Nate had his camera stop recording then turned off in the 1819 room where we also heard some disembodied voices. After doing the 1819 room we took a break and then decided to do the library room this is where my personal experience happened...right before i went into the room i was touched on my shoulder blade i actually felt a shock when it happened..it felt as if someone shuffled their feet then touched me never experienced anything like that before on an investigation right before the touch i had a feeling that someone was behind me thought it was Nate but when i turned around Nate was still in the Garden Room. It was different....also i kept hearing a light switch being turned on and off. Evidence is being reviewed. 

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