The Project was called in to do a private residence..here's the evidence we caught: 

Disembodied noise at the beginning of the file: 

mldemvc.wav mldemvc.wav
Size : 549.953 Kb
Type : wav

A moan in the middle of the file around the 6 sec mark: 

mldemvc2.wav mldemvc2.wav
Size : 1717.391 Kb
Type : wav

A voice trying to help us to debunk? responds at about 8 sec mark and twice in the 13-14 sec mark: 

mldemvc3.wav mldemvc3.wav
Size : 2953.684 Kb
Type : wav

A voice saying "hey" between 2-3 sec mark: its plain as day 

mlhey.wav mlhey.wav
Size : 768.25 Kb
Type : wav

A voice answering a question posed by our client: 

mlvoice.wav mlvoice.wav
Size : 548.473 Kb
Type : wav

A voice talking the same time as our other client: 

mlvoice2.wav mlvoice2.wav
Size : 994.277 Kb
Type : wav

A voice talking same time as client after I say "definately not going home with Rod" I have an idea on what it said...file is to the right 

mlvoice3.wav mlvoice3.wav
Size : 1025.516 Kb
Type : wav

Listen for the hum/moan at the end of the file after we are talking: 

1-russle-hum.wav 1-russle-hum.wav
Size : 1181.199 Kb
Type : wav

Another voice saying "hey" 

2-closet-hey.wav 2-closet-hey.wav
Size : 170.75 Kb
Type : wav

A voice at the end commenting on the client's brother's statement: 

2-growl-moan.wav 2-growl-moan.wav
Size : 1302.723 Kb
Type : wav

this voice is answering my question in the basement: 

mlbsmvoice.wav mlbsmvoice.wav
Size : 903.637 Kb
Type : wav

A noise.....similar to a growl...between walking from upstairs: 

mlbsmvoice3.wav mlbsmvoice3.wav
Size : 692.379 Kb
Type : wav

This EVP is from the basement: the two loud noises are footsteps from upstairs......sounds like the voice is saying.."i'm fine" 

mlbsmvoice4.wav mlbsmvoice4.wav
Size : 1059.238 Kb
Type : wav
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