We investigated your residence using camcorders, recorders and other devices. We did get some activity on video but were able to debunk or disapprove the possible evidence. The flashes of light were caused by a passing car and Kilina lighting her lighter behind me while the camcorder was recording. The shadows on the wall were our shadows with the light source being the camcorder in the kitchen. The shadow play on the other wall was from your modem flashing. So we were able to obtain no video evidence.


The  following evidence was gathered from the digital recorder in your front room:

Disembodied noise at the beginning of the file: 

mldemvc.wav mldemvc.wav
Size : 549.953 Kb
Type : wav

A moan in the middle of the file around the 6 sec mark: 

mldemvc2.wav mldemvc2.wav
Size : 1717.391 Kb
Type : wav

A voice trying to help us to debunk? responds at about 8 sec mark and twice in the 13-14 sec mark: 

mldemvc3.wav mldemvc3.wav
Size : 2953.684 Kb
Type : wav

A voice saying "hey" between 2-3 sec mark: its plain as day 

mlhey.wav mlhey.wav
Size : 768.25 Kb
Type : wav

A voice answering a question posed by our client: 

mlvoice.wav mlvoice.wav
Size : 548.473 Kb
Type : wav

A voice talking the same time as our other client: 

mlvoice2.wav mlvoice2.wav
Size : 994.277 Kb
Type : wav

A voice talking same time as client after I say "definately not going home with Rod" I have an idea on what it said...file is to the right 

mlvoice3.wav mlvoice3.wav
Size : 1025.516 Kb
Type : wav

Listen for the hum/moan at the end of the file after we are talking: 

1-russle-hum.wav 1-russle-hum.wav
Size : 1181.199 Kb
Type : wav

Another voice saying "hey" 

2-closet-hey.wav 2-closet-hey.wav
Size : 170.75 Kb
Type : wav

A voice at the end commenting on the client's brother's statement: 

2-growl-moan.wav 2-growl-moan.wav
Size : 1302.723 Kb
Type : wav

this voice is answering my question in the basement: 

mlbsmvoice.wav mlbsmvoice.wav
Size : 903.637 Kb
Type : wav

A noise.....similar to a growl...between walking from upstairs: 

mlbsmvoice3.wav mlbsmvoice3.wav
Size : 692.379 Kb
Type : wav

This EVP is from the basement: the two loud noises are footsteps from upstairs......sounds like the voice is saying.."i'm fine" 

mlbsmvoice4.wav mlbsmvoice4.wav
Size : 1059.238 Kb
Type : wav


We believe something is happening in your home. But, we also believe that it's nothing to be afraid of. It is not being physical and none of the EVPs were threatening. It is something that you can push back on, take your space back be assertive and tell it that it is your home now. Got any questions you can give me a call.......Rod

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