Ohio Paranormal Project


Spitzer House is located in Medina, Ohio. Here's their website:       http://www.spitzerhousebandb.com/


We caught over 50 evps/ disembodied voices below are the best ones.

This first one was caught during the walk through: Possibly Mr. Spitzer saying "Hello" and a knock afterwards.

voice of a former housemaid, maybe?
voice of mr.spitzer?
caught in the basement
next three clips are from the dining room's spirit box session: someone touching one of OPP's investigators, then she said "Laura" voice comes thru the spirit box and says "shut up Laura" "who's touching me?" female answers thru the spirit box "I'm Laura" female reveals her full name thru the spirit box "Laura Harris" All three of these clips are captured within minutes of each other.
Spirit box session and I ask one of my standard questions: "what state are we in?"
Caught in the basement: a female is asking us a question that a guest investigator, Josh hears.
we are packing up for the night and a voice that was captured earlier speaks again: former housekeeper maybe?
residual voice captured while we are going on break, walking down the front staircase.
evp caught after I tagged a passing car, saying protect me, hide me.
a female voice caught answering Josh's question caught in the basement while running a spirit box session.
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